Many business owners are unaware of a wonderful form of marketing, which delivers results in an incredibly powerful way.

Promo Sunglasses with your logo!

Think about it

When we meet someone, whether it’s for the first time or the one-thousandth time, the first thing we do is look at them. Where do we look? We look at their eyes. In fact, we not only look at someone’s eyes when we meet them or talk with them, we regularly find ourselves making eye contact with people we pass in the street. 

With the eyes playing such a huge role in human communication, it’s little wonder that custom printed promo sunglasses prove such an effective marketing asset. Whatever message or logo (or both) you have printed on your sunglasses, the people looking at you will see it and they will see it fast.

Powerful reinforcement 

Think for a moment about the number of people the average American sees, on a bright sunny day. Now, consider how many people will make eye contact with us on an average day. Then, imagine how powerful it would be, if your company name, logo, email address or branding were to be seen by all those people. 

Custom printed sunglasses provide a unique and flexible way for you to reinforce your brand. Whether using them as give-aways, prizes or issuing them to your colleagues for use at outdoor events, you can be sure your branding will be seen.

Promo Sunglasses with your brand

If you have not previously considered promo sunglasses as a part of your marketing mix, now is the ideal time. What’s more, you can buy them direct from us at and enjoy: 

Great prices.
Fastest turnaround time in the industry.
A wide selection of styles.
Superb quality.
All printed by us, here in the United States. 

What Next?

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