Imprinted sunglasses for Optometrists are quite common here at, serving a dual purpose for both the eye doctors that order them, and their patients that use them.

Uses of Optometrist's Imprinted Sunglasses

Anyone that has ever had an eye exam most likely has experienced those pesky little eye drops that sting a bit and ultimately dilate your pupils. Dilation makes it easier for eye doctors to exam the back of the eye, which is necessary during a typical eye exam. A side effect is that eyes are extremely sensitive to light for several hours afterwards, and vision is blurry.

After eye dilation sunglasses are highly recommended. Providing sunglasses for patients after eye surgeries, during the healing stage is often necessary as well.

Conscientious Optometry clinics will provide patients with inexpensive sunglasses as a courtesy, which illustrates the level of care they provide, and it’s a nice touch to have the clinic name or branding on the sunglasses themselves.Optometrists' Imprinted Sunglasses for Children

At Print Sunglasses we’ve also had several Optometry clinics place orders for children’s sunglasses. When eyes are dilated they’re extremely sensitive to light, and children’s eyes even more so. Providing sunglasses that have passed FDA Drop Ball Testing and are 100% UVA & UVB protective is very important for both children and adults.

Drawbacks of Optometrist's Imprinted Sunglasses:

There are a few drawbacks to having imprinted sunglasses already on hand for patients though. Considering the purpose is to protect the eyes while sensitive, if they don’t fit properly they’re not going to serve that purpose very well.

Patients that are not comfortable wearing them due to personal fashion tastes, or an uncomfortable fit render the sunglasses essentially useless as a safety precaution. Additionally, patients that don’t make use of the sunglasses before their eyes have properly healed risk further damaging their eyes as well.

Ordering Optometrist's Imprinted Sunglasses

Optometrists considering placing an order for imprinted sunglasses will be pleased with the pricing and selection of sunglasses here. All of our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, and have passed the FDA Drop Ball Test. We have a nice selection of classic sunglasses that are universally popular, as well as non-gender specific. Additionally we have 19 in-house ink colors, with PMS color matching abilities.

Our pricing is exceptionally competitive, and our production times are consistently well below average. More over, we offer free shipping on select styles!

If you’re thinking of placing an order, or have any questions please contact us here.