Promotional sunglasses and running eventsRunning is a very popular spectator sport, with Americans the length and breadth of the land turning out to cheer the runners on.

With so much interest in running and races, it should be a sponsor’s dream. However, there’s a challenge: Because of the lack of clothing worn by runners, there are very few sponsorship opportunities. As running clothing becomes increasingly aerodynamic, there’s less space to add a logo to the runner themselves, as they capture the attention of spectators and viewers. 

Fortunately, I’m going to share another way for race organizers and running clubs to provide an additional sponsorship opportunity.

Promotional sunglasses and increased sponsor exposure

Thanks to printed promotional sunglasses, sponsors now have an additional space to get exposure for their branding. Moreover, sunglasses provide a valuable placement for the branding. Think about it, the TV stations love close-up shots of the runner’s faces, as they summon the mental and physical strength to compete. Though it’s the legs that propel the runner, it’s the human emotion we see on the faces of the runners, which fascinates spectators, TV viewers and TV stations alike. As the camera captures the runner’s face, it also captures their sunglasses from various angles.

Of course, there’s another benefit to using custom printed sunglasses as a sponsor opportunity for runners and races. Think for a moment about the part of a race, where the runner is closest to the spectators. It’s the exact point, when the runner is passing them. The spectator is looking side-on at the runner – facing the side of the runner’s head. This adds real value, to the placement of branding on the arm of the promotional sunglasses. 

What next? 

At, we work closely with race organizers nationwide; to ensure they get high quality printed promotional sunglasses at great prices. We offer a huge selection of sunglasses, printed just the way you want them. You will also enjoy total peace of mind, as our in-house design team will prepare the artwork for you… at no extra cost! All this, with the fastest turn-around time in the industry. 

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