A wedding is indeed a time when family and friends come together to celebration the union of two special people. This occasion needs to be celebrated and only the best will do! As a show of gratitude to guests, couples can choose personalized plastic sunglasses to give away as wedding favors. While there is a wide range of wedding favors that people often give, sunglasses have a style and vibe of their own. For weddings hosted on the beach or in a lush garden, these products will perfectly fit the ambience and mood of the event.

Popular styles and designs

Personalized plastic sunglasses can be ordered in various designs based on the theme of the wedding. You can choose from Baja and Bamboo wayfarers to Glow-in-the-Dark to Caribbean classics. Each model is trendy and comfortable and will help your guests fondly remember your special day. The great part about sunglasses is that they can be used daily so it’s not a waste of investment. Many other favors end up in a drawer, entirely forgotten. However, your guests will enjoy using these recycled plastic sunglasses because they look great and feel even better!

Custom-made prints

There are so many options when it comes to personalized plastic sunglasses. You can print your initials, logo or even a personal message on the product and it will not wash away. Be careful to choose actual imprints and don’t opt for services that offer stickers. When it comes to colors, there are many hues and variations available. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary print or a vintage one, there’s something for everyone. There is a wide range of customization options with regard to artwork and graphics. You can work closely the with designer to arrive at a design that goes perfectly with what you had in mind.

Wood-based designs

If you’re not looking for personalized plastic sunglasses then you can choose personalized wood sunglasses that look equally elegant and classy. They feature premium handmade bamboo temples and can be bought in a single color. The pairs come with a microfiber bag and a folding box which makes it an ideal wedding favor for your guests. Make your wedding an event to remember by choosing a gift that is both useful and memorable. That way, your guests will remember and talk about your special day for years to come.