Custom Print Sunglasses for Marathons

A popular use for customized sunglasses is organized Marathons, 5k Runs & Triathlons. Here at we have many repeat customers that consider us their go-to-source for each organized running event. Counting on our pricing, expertise, turn-around times and—of course—our quality!

Custom sunglasses are a popular promotional give-away for marathons; for both participants and supporters. Primarily, of course, they serve the purpose of providing UV Protection, and protecting your eyes, with an additional advantage of promoting the organized event.

Ideally sunglasses for marathons should be of respectable quality, while still being relatively cheap; as most marathons are charitable events, raising monies for causes such as breast cancer awareness, a cure for cancer, and other humanitarian reasons.

Quality vs. Price

Finding customized sunglasses for a good price, while still being of sound quality, isn’t always easy—in fact, we’ve had countless customers pleasantly surprised by the quality of our sunglasses and imprint.Custom Sunglasses for you next marathon.

With prices as low as .66¢ per piece—PRINTED—customers justifiably anticipate shoddy merchandise, that’ll break within moments of handling, or just as irritating, an imprint that flakes or scratches off. When ordering from, customers’ receive their printed order and discover a quality product, with their desired customization.

In addition to superior quality, boasts a well-rounded team of employees, each member possessing skills that are invaluable to the whole. From start to finish, our services are provided by friendly, professional and skilled team members; from ordering and artwork assistance, production complete through to final shipment and tracking.

Opting to purchase customized sunglasses for your next marathon from us is a smart choice. You’re assured quality, satisfaction, excellent prices and superior customer service. Let’s face it, with all the hard work that goes into organizing a marathon, you’ll find that one less thing to worry about is a real blessing!

Turn-Around Times

If you’re in a jam and need them in a hurry we’re here for you! Our turn-around times are an industry-wide low, on average just five business days for production. If you’re really in a pickle and need them even faster than that just contact us and we can have them printed for you in as little as 24 hours!

For Priority rush orders use one of these convenient ways to reach us:

  • Phone 1.844.242.1255 or 1.503.990.7412
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: Monday – Friday 8:00am–4:00pm PST