Welcome to PrintSunglasses.com! Subsidiary E-commerce website of CTS Wholesale Sunglasses. We’re extremely eager to present this brand new, highly customized website!

Welcome to PrintSunglasses.comWhy a new website?

Possessing an accomplished & knowledgeable reputation within the wholesale sunglasses industry, founder Kirk Bachelder possess a keen business sense, as well as a knack for recognizing potential. Successfully balancing wholesale & retail sales of sunglasses in excess of twenty years, Mr. Bachelder discovered an increasing demand for customized sunglasses.

With a growing consumer demand, Kirk resolved to develop a website capable of catering to the detailed & comprehensive ordering process necessary to providing such a service to online shoppers, while simultaneously making the process accurate and easy.

PrintSunglasses.com boasts an effective, fluid, easy to follow order placement process. Ensuring even the most novice online shopper is able to place an order for custom printed sunglasses.

Selecting Sunglasses

Customer’s familiar with CTSwholesaleSunglasses.com frequently comment on the unbeatable selection of sunglasses. PrintSunglasses.com will quickly become known for providing the widest selection of styles available for printed customizations.

We’ve initially launched with a wide selection of the most popular styles used for printing, and we anticipate growing the available selection based on customer requests & reviews. If you see a style you want to use for your printed order over on the CTS website, just send an email to info@PrintSunglasses.com identifying the model # you desire for your order, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Pricing, Minimums & Requesting a Sample

You’ll find that our pricing is extremely competitive, with pricing as low as .66¢ per pair. You have the ability to purchase sunglasses without print as well. Our pricing tier is visible on each product page,  showing both printed and blank pricing; in an easy to use sliding chart with arrows allowing you to shift to the left or right as desired.

Custom print orders can be placed for as little as twelve pair of sunglasses, or 100 pair. Although we do specialize in mass production of bulk quantities as well, all with our impeccable level of quality control and production expertise.

If you’d like a sample of our sunglasses, you can easily request one from any of our product pages, indicating the specific model you'd like a sample of.  A fee of $5.00 & Shipping will be required.

We look forward to assisting you with your custom order, you can contact us here.