Christmas is actually a celebration of the birth of Christ but over the years it has shifted from being mainly a religious celebration by Christians to a secular and cultural event celebrated by people all over the world.  The customs and traditions observed at Christmas parties have a mixture of Christian and secular origins and themes.  An important part of the customs associated with this day is the gift giving to friends and family.  Christmas themed parties are also quite popular with participants sometimes sporting sunglasses in Christmas colors and with Christmas themes printed on it.  Santa Claus is the most famous figure associated with this celebration.

The Economics of Christmas Sales

The fervor of Christmas holidays that begins with decorating homes and exchanging gifts has made it an ideal season for companies to promote and sell their products.  This is peak sale time and promotion time for most manufacturers.  Sunglasses in the colors of the season and with Christmas messages printed on it are extremely popular during this period.  These memorabilia are given away as favors to all the party invitees.  This is also the time of family get-togethers and trips away from home giving people an opportunity to spend quality time with each other.

Brand Promotion with Printed Sunglasses at Christmas

The importance of the Christmas season from an economic point of view lies in the fact that it begins as early as October with shops being decorated in the traditional colors of Christmas, mainly red and green.  Sale times begin with people purchasing decorations, gifts, and supplies.  Shops and streets are lit up, Christmas carols are played, and generally there is a festive atmosphere everywhere.  New brands and products are introduced and every attempt is made to promote them in various ways including using printed sunglasses.

Loosening Of Pockets with Increased Bonhomie

The family traditions involving Christmas includes decorating homes, putting up the Christmas tree, and lighting up homes.  There is an attempt to make each year as unique as possible helped by the ingenuity of the new offerings available during this season.  Friends and family often gather together with loads of food and drink.  The cold weather outside and the cozy atmosphere inside adds to the spirit of bonhomie that exists between all gathered there.  This is also the time of Christmas themed parties where participants are expected to come dressed as per the theme given.  Printed sunglasses in red, green, and gold and spreading Christmas cheer are also quite popular at these parties.