The explosion of information on the internet and through social media have made people become more aware of their health and the results of ignoring your health.  Believing firmly in the adage, “prevention is better than cure”, they now take recourse to different measures such as choosing to eat organic natural foods, shunning processed meats, cutting back on excessiveness in every area of life, and using sunglasses to protect their eyes.  Sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun as prolonged exposure can lead to different eye diseases such as cataracts and pterygium.  The benefits of polarized sunglasses have been realized by fisher folk and people working in the water which is why custom polarized sunglasses are ordered in bulk by retailers.

Better Visibility with Polarized Sunglasses

Light that is reflected from flat surface areas such as road surfaces tend to be travel in a uniform direction, often horizontal.  This can be dangerous as the intensity of the light that is reflected is great and causes reduced visibility especially in drivers, skiers, and people who work in the high seas.  Polarized lenses use a special filter to block this intense reflection, thereby reducing glare and improving visibility.  Custom polarized sunglasses that are bought in bulk by retailers are even sold to people who are highly sensitive to light due to eye surgeries.

Enhanced Performances with Polarized Sunglasses

Custom made polarized sunglasses are bought in bulk by retailers who have outlets near ski slopes.  These glasses are very popular among skiers especially professionals who need them to block out the glare from sunlight and enhance their performances.  Polarized sunglasses have a chemical coating applied on them that help to totally eliminate or reduce the glare of the sun.  Polarized sunglasses are also available with progressive lenses and photochromic lenses which are perfect for those people who need to spend the greater part of their day outdoors.